’sode 67: Shandy from Riders Brewing

September 12, 2016

This week we chat to Shandy from Riders Brewing Co. A two year old Melbourne based brewery they have been quietly doing their thing without much fanfare. However, with capacity soon to triple, we get the lowdown on their beers and plans. We also talk about IPA and whisky, skateboarding, and (as usual) share some ill informed opinions about the machinations of local breweries. 


’sode 66: Bad Shepherd, Nine Months On

August 30, 2016

This week, we re-visit Bad Shepherd brewery. After first visiting in February, we come back as they launch their biggest beer so far and hear about they journey. After exceeding expectations so far, Dereck and Diti are still unsure what path Bad Shepherd will take for the future. However, they are already exceeding their business plans. As well as that, we tell a terrible joke, talk jazz, Two Birds expansion, awkward RnB singers and heaps of beer stuff.


‘Sode 65: Shayne from BeerMash

August 22, 2016

This week we visit Beer Mash in Collingwood. The hybrid bottleshop/bar started life as a growler store. Now Shayne Dixon has turned it into a combined bar, bottleshop and will soon be joined by an upstairs cocktail bar. Shayne tells us about Beer Mash, and how a store can benefit from being in a competitive area like Melbourne's Smith St. 


’sode 64: Beth Beervana

August 8, 2016

This week we pull a podcast from the archives. Somewhat of a lost episode, recorded just before Good Beer Week, Beth Skyped in and talked all about her favourite beer, and how she got to be in charge of NZ's premier beer festival. In addition, we have some (up to date) news, and recommendations. 


’sode 63: Clever Polly’s with Lou

July 25, 2016

This week we visit Clever Polly's in North Melbourne. It's a small wine bar that specialises in out-there and unique wine, sake, beer and spirits. From Georgian amber wine, to Italian rum. We learn about the owner, Lou, and she tells us the ethos behind the bar. We also ask stupid questions such as "what does biodynamic mean" and "what is orange wine?". If you want to know those answers, then best you listen. 


’sode 62: Nick ‘Santa’ Claus of the Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne

July 11, 2016

This week we visit the Belgian Beer Cafe here in Melbourne. We speak to their manager and Belgian Cultural Ambassador, Nick Claus, about what they are up to at the venue. We also learn the story behind why there are so many Belgian Beer Cafes around that are all different; and find out a lot about Belgian beer culture. 


’sode 61: Ray Liotta’s Face

June 27, 2016

Episode 61 of our famous beer podcast, it's just Dave and I this week and we talk mostly garbage. But it's garbage worth tuning in to. We discuss Ray Liotta's face, White Men Can't Jump; plus beer stuff like Pirate Life, Garage Project, GABS, Big Shed, CUB, Panhead, Lion. Basically everything the modern beer lover wants in their half-informed podcasts. 


’sode 60: Jade from the Wheatsheaf

June 12, 2016

This week we speak to Jade from the Wheatsheaf in Adelaide. It's one of Australia's most beloved pubs and one of the original craft beer venues in Australia. Now also a brew pub, we learn the history of the pub, the stories of the people behind it, and talk a lot about brewing with anchovy. 



‘Sode 59: GABS 2016 with heaps of people.

May 30, 2016

Our Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular annual show, recorded mostly from GABS. We feature Jayne from Two Birds, Duncan from Hop Nation, Bousa from 7 Cent, Will from Feral Brewing, Glen from Beer Is Your Friend, and Nick from Sydney (the city). Not going to do any show notes for this one, you'll just have to tune in. Websites for the festival and each guest (except Nick) are here:








‘Sode 58: Greg from Craft and Co, James from Crafty Pint

May 7, 2016

This week we have two guests in an extravaganza of a show. Greg from Craft and Co and FB Propack; and James from the Crafty Pint. We learn about how they both ended up doing what they are doing. Plus we talk about buyouts, IPA releases. All the usual guff. Also Dave forgot to bring me beers, ruining my day. 

Full deets:  http://aleofatime.com/category/podcast/